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Based on Cooperation with university (FIIT Bratislava) and other partners (AGNICOLI - through knowledge to freedom, civic assoc.)

We have prepared this coarse  for solving traditional tasks in unconventional way.


Students projects individual or team projects, Thesis.

Using original methodology and standard technology tool

"Documentation is side effect of my daily work".

Every students have to present his/her expertise in formal way via printed documents

1. SLCM – Systems Lifecycle Management, from idea to operation
3. System Thinking
4. Knowledge base management system based on metadata
5. IoT a Industry 4.0
6. Enterprise Architecture Frameworks a The Open Group Architecture Framework


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Friday, May 01, 2020 roman 3Rs-Overview-Complexity-Model based Approach 1080
This is introduction to Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). Knowledge Base Management Systems based on metadata.