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Developing cyber solutions in a cyber manner

Course for future engineers, computer scientists, automation engineers,scientists, IT solutions  architects

Systematic work with information


FABLAB CVTI (www.fablab.sk)

AGNICOLI-through knowledge to freedom n.p.o  and partners (www.agnicoli.org, www.systemthinking.xyz)


FABLAB CVTI, Ilkovičova 8, Bratislava,  Scientific Park Comenius University


From February 1th 2019


From simple solutions - smart sensors of physical quantities

To more complex systems - a robotic car, smart gloves, intelligent solutions for beekeepers,

Systems based on biological feedback


Engineering approach from idea to implementation and operation

Focus A way to the goal, not just the goal itself.

Working with state-of-the-art IT solutions modeling (SparxSystems), technology to support the creation of educational content


To be defined. Symbolic one.

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For more information about course orientation:

  • What are cybernetic systems? Where do we meet them? How do we enter into life?
  • How do we use cybernetic systems in our everyday lives?
  • How to use the principles not only in technical practice?
  • How to build your own cybernetic system?
  • How to process a large amount of information?
  • How to use synergies in self-learning organizations?
  • How to help others and how do we help ourselves?

These are just a few questions we will try to find answers to. By means of small technical solutions, we will try to discover deeper principles.

Our goal, however, is not just the output solution, but we will focus on the way we work on the solution.

From thought, idea processing, solution analysis, solution design, implementation of the solution, its verification, evaluation of benefits, to presentation of the results.

We will use state-of-the-art technology to try to systematically create the habits of the professions we have mentioned in the title.

These are cloud solutions for application - modelers that support team collaboration, sharing knowledge of individuals and teams, systematic work within the lifecycle of the solution.

By age and experience, we will use Sparxsystems technology to make young IT architects acquire habits that they will use not only during university studies (for example, at the Faculty of Informatics, FIIT, System Engineering and Digital 1 degree) but mainly in practice. The content and activities of this ring are aimed at preparing and educating technically competent professionals who can analyze and understand the solution as a whole, and can dissociate it from all key stakeholders (customer, supplier, solver)

On the course we will first deal with a small practical example - modeling and printing on a 3D printer, the basics of working with a microcomputer (Arduino, ESP 8266, Raspberry PI, Microbit). Here are some examples of how to measure temperature, humidity, and other basic physical quantities. These foundations will serve as an inspiration for useful solutions that will aim to improve the quality of life around us.

Examples include:

- intelligent gloves helping to communicate with people with handicaps,

- Intelligent gloves for emotion sharing

- automated systems around us

- Intelligent team games aimed at developing collaboration and physical personal communication

- solutions to biological feedback - discovering your own body - how heart works, how our brain works, how our muscles and skin work.



Focus on the course – The journey to Goal


Headbands as part of intelligent systems with biological feedback


Testing the pressure gauge - part of the smart gloves solution

A F994

Solution developing for intelligent gloves

Car Components
Layout of the car on basic components

Car Components classes
Layout of the car on basic components


A game focused on concentration training and relaxation

ECG bitalino
Record heart activity by ECG measurement system

EEG bitalino

Recording of brain activity by the EEG measurement system

Arduino Eclipse
Programming Arduino in Eclipse environment

Measuring technique in FABLAB CVTI-Oscilloscopes, Spectral analyzers



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